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Healthcare Providers – Main

DETECT of MS Healthcare Providers

DETECT services for healthcare providers

Make a healthy choice for your practice.

Learn to care for patients with disabilities.

Do you speak “special needs”? When you do, you become a hero to an entire community of Mississippians who need your expertise and your compassion. If you don’t know where to start, DETECT can show you how.

Get answers for clinical and administrative questions.

DETECT provides clinical consulting medical and dental issues. We also offer educational resources and training opportunities for you and your staff on a variety of topics related to IDD healthcare, from communicating with patients and caregivers to coding your services for reimbursement.

Access DETECT services at no cost to your clinic.

Most DETECT services, such as educational resources, articles, webinars and lectures, are available free of charge. DETECT clinical consultations with your patients are available at no cost to your clinic. Patients are billed for DETECT consultations just as they are for any other type of medical consultation.

Interested in how DETECT could help your practice and your patients? Contact us today to learn more.