Patients & Caregivers - DETECT MS
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Patients & Caregivers

Detect of Mississippi Patients and Caregivers

DETECT services for patients and caregivers

Support for you

If you live in Mississippi and you have intellectual and developmental disabilities — or differences — or if you are caring for someone who does, you need to know about DETECT. DETECT can help you locate the doctors, dentists and other healthcare providers in your community who can meet the special needs of patients with disabilities.


Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Fact Sheet


Serious Mental Illness Among Individuals with IDD Fact Sheet

If you have IDD, all of your healthcare providers should know about the services and support available to them and you through DETECT. Tell your doctor, dentist and other medical providers about DETECT today.

Support for your doctors

If you or someone you care for has disabilities and lives in Mississippi, your doctors, dentists and other healthcare providers need to know about DETECT. You can help spread the word. Let them know that DETECT has special resources that can make their job easier, and help them take even better care patients with disabilities:


  • Educational resources
  • Training opportunities
  • Clinical consultations with you and your provider(s)

DETECT patient consultations are available by referral only. If you think you and your healthcare providers could benefit from a relationship with DETECT, ask any one of them to schedule a DETECT consultation with you today.

Do you think DETECT could help your healthcare providers meet your needs, or the needs of a patient under your care? Here’s how to start.