Pulsed Irrigation Evacuation - An option for chronic, refractory constipation - DETECT MS
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Pulsed Irrigation Evacuation – An option for chronic, refractory constipation

About This Project

Pulsed Irrigation Evacuation, or PIE, is currently (2015) the only mobile bowel prosthetic device on the market.  The PIE was invented years ago by a quadriplegic who also suffered from Polio.  He struggled with the inconsistent results he was seeing from traditional bowel care methods  so he decided to create a device which would create a more effective means of properly ridding the large intestines of waste.  The PIE introduces a light stream of  measured water into the colon through a cuffed speculum.  The water can then be held in the colon for a pre-set amount of time in order to properly hydrate and loosen impacted waste.  The waste then flows by gravity down a waste tube into a waste container.  The PIE can also provide a light pulsing action of the water while its being held in the colon to assist in breaking up hard, dry stool as well.  The device has been on the market for over 25 years and is FDA approved.  The device is used in hospitals and spinal cord facilities as well as home based customers suffering from neurogenic bowel related issues caused from paralysis and illness.  While PIE is not for everyone, if you think it might be for you or someone you know, you can find out more by visiting their web site at www.piemed.com  or contacting Ken Barefoot at ken@piemed.com to answer any additional questions.